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Tomas Svoboda Profile PhotoBorn on March 26, 1963 in Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia. In 1976 he immigrates in the Netherlands and settles in Amsterdam. After his studies at the Art school in The Hague, with a major in experimental film, he accidentally ends up in Perth, Australia, where he spends one year.

Upon his return to the Netherlands, he tirelessly continues to travel to the most remote areas of Africa and Asia. He cooperates with the Dutch state television and regional Amsterdam television network.

In 1993 he returns to Prague. As a photojournalist alongside former President Vaclav Havel and former Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus, he assists several State Visits (ex. India, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, the Holy See, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, China, Japan). He contributes with his photographs to several magazines in the Czech Republic. At this time he creates the documentary "Vaclav Havel traveling".

He moves to Paris in 1996 and works for the renowned agency Gamma. His series of photographs from Africa, New Guinea and Mexico, or of Spanish fiestas are published across the world. In the year 2000 he returns to live and work in Prague. He has one wife, two sons and is looking for somebody who will teach him Chinese.

Between 2004-2005 works as a personal photographer of President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus covering his State Visits.

Since 2006 lives and works as a freelance photographer in Prague and Stockholm.


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Photoagency Gamma, Paris
Photoreportages on diverse themes published across the world, 1997


1996 Winner of the prestigious contest Photographs on CD-ROM, CD-Photobler, Prague
1994 Gold Metal as a token of personal gratitude by H.M.S the Queen Sirkit of Thailand, Bangkok